Thursday, February 15, 2018

Some WI guns laws easier than in FL

Walker is a big beneficiary of NRA money, says the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. More fun facts about Walker's easy gun regime:  
Florida, for instance, has a three-day waiting period for purchasing handguns. Wisconsin's Republican governor and Republican-controlled Legislature ended the state's two-day waiting period in 2015. 
Florida sets restrictions on the open-carry of handguns; Wisconsin does not, and a 2011 Republican law prohibited municipalities from using other laws to discourage the practice.
Walker signed the bill waiving the handgun purchase waiting period just prior to a mass shooting in a South Carolina church by a handgun-wielding white supremacist.

He also tweeted our condolences after the Florida school shooting, then returned to posting, with photo, about his beloved hand-and-cheese sandwich. 


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