Monday, February 12, 2018

Not enough $$ available for Trump to save Gov. Pothole

Makes sense that Trump would showcase Gov. Pothole at the phonied-up 'infrastructure' White House rollout today, given that Walker endorsed Trump at the 2016 GOP convention and has consistently helped enable ugly things Trump has said or done since he bounced Walker from the Iowa caucuses.

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Former rivals, now pals
But whatever good money after bad Trump may throw the re-election obsessed Walker's way cannot compensate for Walker's fifteen-year, unfunded road-building binge that has drained Wisconsin's big-project-highway-expansion budget and helped produce state roads which have crumbled to the second-worst among the 50 states.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest that we begin calling potholes "Walkers"; and a really big pothole should be called a "Governor Walker".