Monday, February 12, 2018

US EPA/WI DNR/ 'chamber of commerce' interlocks get stronger

There's churn atop Scott Walker's 'chamber of commerce' mentality' DNR, but don't expect any change in direction:

*  Newly-minted Chicago-based EPA Regional Director and former DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp has recruited her former Deputy Kurt Theide to Team Trump/Pruitt and its extensive rollback of environmental rules and science

As I've noted, Trump's EPA echoes Walker's DNR, and vice-versa.

*  Also, current DNR Secretary Dan Meyer - - an actual former chamber of commerce (Eagle River) - - has moved former builders association, WMC, and road-builder official Pat Stevens to a bigger job - - agency assistant deputy secretary - - from a division manager's post overseeing business, air

Smoke stacks from a factory.
and water programs now known as Environmental Business Management.

Snippets from agency-wide DNR email traffic:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
In May of 1999 I walked into GEF 2 excited to join the DNR, nervous about my new job and completely uncertain about where my career would take me. As an LTE in the Wildlife Program I could never have anticipated that one day I would have the humbling honor of sitting in the Deputy Secretary’s Office at this great agency.
But, now it is time to have another “first day”. A new challenge and a new stretch of water. In this instance, I will be walking into EPA Region 5 Headquarters in Chicago as the Chief of Staff for Regional EPA Administrator Cathy Stepp...
Message from Secretary Dan Meyer 
...Going forward, I am pleased to announce the Governor has appointed Ed Eberle to the Deputy Secretary role and Pat Stevens is appointed to the Assistant Deputy Secretary position. Secretary Meyer 

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Anonymous said...

Weird that he says "the Governor appointed" Ed Eberle and Pat Stevens but I think that is probably the case. I thought the Secretary appointed his management team but maybe Meyer makes bad choices.