Saturday, February 3, 2018

Paul Ryan's continuing week of self-inflicted wounds

More about the House Speaker who, frankly, should stop speaking because his credibility-drained image is now by his own voice and hand repeatedly on full display:

Having noted Ryan's ethics-free enabling of his not-actually-recused-but-increasingly-reckless hack subordinate and Trump supplicant Devin Nunes, the multi-millionaire House Speaker and devotee of $350 bottles of wine's week deservedly is getting worse after he posted, then deleted this Tweet that blew back on him for its rank, insensitive-elitism:
Paul Ryan’s tweet about a worker who got a $1.50 per week pay raise thanks to the tax bill.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Lyin Ryan is flailing, badly. Its like he knows the polling and facts don't support his BS about either the tax cuts or Nunez, but since he's gone this far on the con game, he can't be seen as backing down.


Anonymous said...

I think Ryan has learned from Trump that a ridiculous tweet will buy him all sorts of attention and distract from all the horrible things his is really doing. If he felt any shame at all he would have apologized. Whether he wins the next election or is likely immaterial to Ryan. He has done as much damage as he can to the US. No doubt there is a safety net job funded by the Koch brothers to make it all worth his while.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is now Mr. Sunshine.....he says sunshine is a great disinfectant. I asked him for a little sunshine on his June 15th 2016 meeting with House GOP leaders in which Kevin McCarthy acknowledged that the Russians hacked the DNC and got the opposition research they had on Trump. Ryan asked who they delivered it to. McCarthy responded: "There's two people I think Putin pays, Rohrabacher [Rep. California] and Trump. Swear to God." Ryan quickly said this is off the record. Followed up with: 'No leaks, all right? This is how we know we're a real family here."

Ryan's spokesman said that the conversation never happened. When told that the Washington Post listened to a recording of it he quickly said it was all an attempt at humor. However he could not explain if it was a joke why Ryan demanded secrecy about the meeting. Maybe Ryan could put a little sunshine on why he and GOP leaders suspected a Trump / Russia connection for over 18 months now and have said and did nothing about it!