Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Walker's 'I know you are but what am I?' tweet burp

What a phony: Walker says on Twitter that a Democratic lawsuit to force him to schedule routine special elections is just a fund-raising ploy. So he says "we need your help and support right away! Donate today..."

  • This is just the first attack of many from former Obama AG Eric Holder's D.C. special interest group as they try to defeat us in Wisconsin. That's why we need your help and support right away! Donate today...

  • Just as we warned, the D.C. special interest group of former Obama AG Eric Holder is targeting us in WI. They will likely use this lawsuit to raise more money to use against us in the fall.

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    Jake formerly of the LP said...

    Always projection with amoral, lowlife Republicans. Walker and WisGOP do nothing BUT play politics and abuse their power.

    This illegal stunt by Walker seems like it's been a major backfire with the public, and now it's getting national attention.

    And now Walker's trying to play "victim" on a problem he caused by violating the law? Give me a break. What kind of weak-minded dope falls for this act anymore?