Friday, February 2, 2018

Wisconsin Budget Project's invaluable Foxconn report

I've done my share of Foxconn journalism, but props to the Wisconsin Budget Project for a data-driven, standard-setting, must-read posting.

I've noted the Project's excellent work, here and here, for example, but its concise, documented and powerful Monday report is in a class by itself.

Start with the headline that should obliterate months of spin, talking points and photo-ops from Madison to Mount Pleasant:

More than $1 Billion of Foxconn Payout Has No Direct Connection to Job Creation
Then pay careful attention to the Project's dynamite chart, below, as it uses information from the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau to show the disconnects between job growth and the taxpayer subsidies shoveled to Foxconn by Walker and his GOP allies who were and more interested in partisanship and politics than substance and facts:

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