Thursday, February 1, 2018

Darling, GOP Story Hill wrecking crew, hoping for billion-dollar miracle

Because Waukesha commuters must be served, The Orange Barrel Boondoggle Gang led by GOP State Sen. Alberta Darling, (River Hills)
Alberta Darling 
still hopes to shove unfunded billion-dollar new lanes across Story Hill and through the Stadium Interchange. 

Even Governor Pothole - - and with Foxconn's needs always atop his agenda - - and if you can believe him as he threw in a "candidly," says - - 
“Long term, I think it’s important to have I-94 done, but, candidly, from a lot of people in the Milwaukee area, the biggest thing I hear about transportation is they’re glad the Zoo is cleared up, they’re glad that there aren’t barrels there, they’re glad they’re not being disrupted from going, from changing lanes for a while and a lot of people would like a break going forward,” Walker said.
No doubt his re-election Eight Ball and internal polling were flashing 'Foxconn First.'

One more thing: Walker says the Zoo is "cleared up" and the orange barrels are gone? I haven't been out there for a couple of weeks, but is that true? 

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lottosal said...

The entrance and exit ramps from 94 East/West to 41 North/South are still closed. There may not be barrels, but there are still barriers in place. This construction period has taken so damn long to complete, and now they want to disrupt the stadium interchange? With no money? SMDH. (I work at UWM, and weve just had meetings to sort out how to allocate a 2% merit-based raise, our first since 2007. It won't surprise me if we hear before the raise kicks in that it has been taken away. That's happened before, 2013, I think. But, goodness knows we need to keep Foxcomm happy.)