Monday, February 12, 2018

Trump's 'thanks-for-nothing' infrastructure plan

Trump's infrastructure 'plan' is out and it's as phony as Paul Ryan's deficits mantra or Ron Johnson's FBI secret society meetings.

Other than providing deeply insufficient federal funding, relying instead on phantom billions in spending by states and cities (in Wisconsin, their budgets are strapped by Walker-era caps) hat don't have two nickels to rub together, more swiftly enabling privatized construction and profit-making collections of tolls

reducing public input at the planning stage to shut out the people, more quickly tear down local tax base properties at projects' edges, open wetlands to more paving and expose already-more heavily-polluted central cities to more exhaust and dust - - there's nothing to worry about in Trump's so-called 'infrastructure' plan.

Well, Walker actually have to worry some because if he wants a helping of the small pie Trump is putting in the table, he'll have to raise gas taxes in order to come up with some of the state's substantial share.

Or he could revert to form and cut non-transportion spending on programs that people like, including health and education, since he's already eliminated public support for state parks in his quest to make the public sector too small for effectiveness. 

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