Thursday, September 28, 2017

Vos popped off, now takes pity pot seat

Looks like someone needs another head-clearing day at the popcorn factory.

The repeatedly whiny WI Assembly Speaker Robin Vos pouts via breakup text 

Picture of Representative Robin Vos
to fellow Republican but more-powerful Gov. Scott Walker about kicked to the curb by Walker budget vetoes, records show:
“I won’t forget this,” the Rochester Republican texted the GOP governor on Sept. 16, a day after the budget cleared the Senate...“Very disappointed in the way I've been treated ... not even the courtesy of a phone call before you took out things that were important to me,” Vos wrote.
Advice to Vos:

Take your place in line behind public employees, blue-collar workers, academics whose work you denigrated, entire municipalities, environmentalists, Native Americans, low-income citizens, transit riders, ethicists, First Amendment advocates, women who need health services - - basically all the people and groups you and your party been dumping on all these years and from whom you will get zero sympathy.


Anonymous said...

Don't know whose side to take on this. It's like "Alien vs Predator."

Anonymous said...

Great comment, Anonymous, made me laugh.

Poor Robin, not getting things to promote his amazing career (other than delivering popcorn). He's probably jealous of Tony Romo, too, as Romo probably gets the more idealogical chicks, moreso than Robin might.

Tough to take second-tier status to the likes of Scott Walker and the Bradley Foundation (even Charlie Sykes has had to rebrand to fit the new conservative agenda).

Anonymous said...

Great point..... Robin likes to pitch but he doesn't like to catch. It has taken Robin this long to realize that Walker will crap on him if it benefits Walker regardless of party loyalty. When will Wisconsinites realize that Walker and Robin care nothing for them or their needs. It is all about political and personal gain and serving the special interests that cross their palms with cash. This is what Wisconsin government has become. We have seen our economy, jobs, education and our environment take it in the shorts all for the political greed of elected officials and for the profits of those special interests that pay for the government that they want to buy!