Thursday, September 14, 2017

3rd WI Sup. Court app't. would strengthen Walker, 1-party GOP rule

The already corrosive one-party GOP domination in Wisconsin is further devolving into one-man-Scott Walker rule when it comes to populating and defining the State Supreme Court.

Justice Michael Gableman's likely departure from the Wisconsin Supreme Court  would give Scott Walker his fairly recent third high court appointment - - like this one and this one, so were talking one short of a majority!

Producing a reliably hard-right Court with Justices deeply beholden to Walker who could be counted on to do the 'right' right thing with any litigation stemming from the Foxconn deal that a gerrymandered GOP legislature will approve to boost Walker's 2018 re-election campaign and their party's Legislative continuing control.

Talk about Soviet-style, one-party, Glorious Leader hegemony aided and abetted by a cadre of loyal lieutenants running a rigged system for partisan perpetuation in the formerly democratic state of Wisconsin.


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