Saturday, September 9, 2017

Walker aids states hit by climate events his policies enable

Off on another pre-election 'trade mission,' Walker left behind some words and a news release meant to distract from his donor-demanded, warming climate, pro-pollution record.

Our right-wing GOP Governor and dirty air's best Wisconsin friend Scott Walker is directing state aid to states hit hard by record-breaking, killer hurricanes:

Governor Scott Walker on Friday authorized the Wisconsin National Guard to provide assistance to Florida, if needed, in response to Hurricane Irma.

Walker also authorized state agencies to grant a paid leave of absence of up to 30 days to some permanent state employees in order for them to aide disaster services in Florida, Texas and Louisiana.
So, problem and obligations solved!

Except that record-breaking killer hurricanes are one of the heightened storm events a warning climate makes worse, yet Walker has shown zero interest in climate change except to regularly regularly fight with state many efforts to reduce greenhouse gas pollution that help fuel these storms while green-lighting the filling of wetlands which can minimize heightened flooding in Wisconsin.

Walker's horrible environmental and climate change record was noted by national media during his 15-second run for the Presidency in 2015 - - 

Scott Walker Is the Most Dangerous Candidate on Climate Change
- - was also catalogued by Scientific American, has been a focus of this blog for years.

He had climate change information and known science scrubbed off state web pages, even before Trump had EPA administrator wrecker do the same at the national level and continues to ignore repeated heavy flooding in his own state which is a marker for a dangerous climatic pattern.

Walker's extension of help to hard hit southern sets is a good thing, but his actions and those of his party, legislative allies and state agencies to the contrary in Wisconsin on behalf of dirty air, wetland filling and wider environmental de-regulation make him a hollow hypocrite, not a leader.

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