Thursday, September 21, 2017

A state-chauffered GOP Gov. sees hybrids...

Assumes they are driven by Democrats, so stick-it-to-em spite becomes law.

"Midwestern nice [Sic]" WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker included in the budget he will sign today a politically punitive and environmentally-perverse approach to road funding [Sic] which makes it twice as expensive annually ($150) to register in Wisconsin a 3,000 pound Toyota Prius hybrid 
2016 Toyota Prius (ZVW50R) Hybrid liftback (2016-04-02) 01.jpg
than to register at $75 a conventionally-powered Toyota Sequoia SUV like this one

that can weigh 6,000 pounds, or twice what the Prius weighs.

Again, more picking winners and losers by politicians who deny they'd do such a thing.

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