Sunday, September 24, 2017

Trump waves a flag. The white one.

Sorry for the pun - - the language is full of them - - but what I was intending to say when I began typing is that when I see Trump jet off to more self-aggrandizing adulation from a building full of strangers, I see someone acknowledging all his disqualification from the Presidency into which he fell.

I see him displaying an inability deal with the serious problems facing a President and accepting his obligation to manage and solve them - - including confronting record-breaking, back-breaking storms and floods which have left millions of American in immediate and long-term peril.

I see Trump evading the realities of partisan and internal GOP fractures, failed legislation, nuclear threats, disappearing international alliances and worsening race relations domestically, all of which he continues to inflame, not ameliorate.

In short, I see him surrendering his responsibilities.
White Flag on Google Android 8.0
His ego won't let him walk away. He knows he's in the wrong job, yet is willing to risk and putting the country through a process that is also likely to batter his children.

Yet there he was in Alabama, ramping up his white nationalist appeal by simultaneously insulting African-American athletes' patriotism and openly that the NFL could roll itself back to the bad old-days of more frequent brain-damaging/life-destroying concussions.

Trump has already surrendered his Presidential credibility; he'd be well-advised to formally wave the white flag with which he keeps signaling desperately the real state of his Presidency.

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