Friday, September 22, 2017

RoJo's breath-taking, boost-Walker $$ manipulation

There's pork. 

There are perks. 

Then there's Ron Johnson's super-perk for Wisconsin that steals bacon from other states and leaves seniors in nursing homes, kids with birth defects and pregnant women with less medical care than they need.

Here's the sick story.

Tea Party WI Sen. Ron Johnson has spent years trashing Obamacare - - and poses as the principled, penny-pinching outsider who would never play the inside DC game - - but who is now pushing a fast-tracked Obamacare replacement bill that magically contains language to increase federal health care payments only for his home state by counting in the funding formula Obamacare expansion dollars which Johnson ally Scott Walker with great fanfare rejected on ideological grounds as if they had been received and spent in Wisconsin in the first place.
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Before you say, On Wisconsin, ask yourself how 31 other states whose funding will drop under Johnson's bill will react to his sneaky leveraging of what Walker had rejected under Obamacare into a unique Wisconsin funding boost.

This isn't just bringing home the bacon. It's stealing bacon paid for by Americans in all 50 states for one state which had sworn off bacon, purportedly to satisfy Walker's weird states-rights, campaign-sloganeering, anti-DC, small-government bash-Obama principle b.s.

Don't forget that Walker and his GOP legislative allies approved forcing state taxpayers to subsidize this robotic, ideological, everything-Obama-is-bad stupidity by diverting hundreds of millions of state tax dollars to cover the willful funding shortfall - - state money which could have been spent on other programs, wider, life-esaving health coverages or rebated to taxpayers - - while Walker got to self-servingly demand political credit for refusing, as he said, to "grab the [federal] money,"

Which is now OK under the Ron Johnson Wisconsin-only grab bag provision.

These guys are beyond hypocritical, and it's possible that Johnson's super-perk ploy for his home state will fatally-wound his own bill.

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Dice said...

Really, though, why take something on the up and up when you can steal it later and fuck over even more people? If this stands, it will be as a direct cost to people in other states.

Taken together, Walker and Johnson have about the same integrity as a puddle of wino puke.