Friday, September 8, 2017

For new WI mines, more env. giveaways than Foxconn got

[Updated from 9/8/17] We know that Foxconn will be freed from an environmental impact statement, stream and some wetland protections.

But did you know that a new bill to bring back mining for copper and other metals in Wisconsin rock that can discharge sulfuric acid 
Utah copper mine

which I began writing about this summer contains so many more environmental giveaways that you'd think the Foxconn bill was drafted by Al Gore and Bernie Sanders.

But this is what you get in a state where the Governor for nearly seven years ran and ruined the Department of Natural Resources with a "chamber of commerce mentality."

Updates: The bill is written and promoted by the legislature's biggest environmental enemy and deregulatory, corporate friend, State Sen. Tom Tiffany, (R-Hazelhurst), who worked hand-in-glove with Walker to level the Penokee Hills and toxify its wetlands, lakes and streams near Lake Superior for the failed GTac iron ore open pit mine plan.

At a hearing on his bill in Ladysmith Thursday, Tiffany used his position to personally attack UW-Lacrosse emeritus professor Al Gedicks, a long-time advocate for native people and water rights threatened by extractive mining.

Tribal members and former DNR Secretary George Meyer also spoke strongly against the bill.


Anonymous said...

As with the Foxconn deal there is very little in this bill for the good people of Wisconsin. The jobs that will be created offer no advancement. No American dream. They only offer minimal wage jobs that lead nowhere. And to top it off the people who work these jobs and must live nearby will suffer the consequences of bad air and water. Republicans are so focused on jobs, any jobs that they have lost sight of what makes America, America. We don't want to live to work, we want to work to get ahead in whatever way that means to each of us.

In the days when unions were strong, you could work on the floor and still get an increase in wages every year. You could save up and live the dream of owning a cabin in the woods, a boat, or of starting your own business. Workers had a say in making the work place safer and more efficient. There was personal satisfaction in a job well done and rewards that insured the next generation could have it better. We could be proud as a state at the things manufactured here because we were in it together. Success, whatever that meant to you, was achievable.

Foxconn and these mining jobs offer nothing like that. People can be wage slaves for only so long before they realize they want more. GOP needs to stop focusing on how to attract foreign corporations that need subsidies and suspension of environmental regulations and legal protections to locate here instead of another state. Our government needs to focus helping our own people achieve all they can.

Anonymous said...

The hearing was recorded by Wisconsin Eye. Home page: Look down the page for Sept 7 Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry Part 1 under Recent Programs. Professor Gedricks starts testifying around 2:22:45 and the chairman's unnecessary character ambush happens around 2:33:00. Senator Erpenbach deserves credit for intervening and apologizing on behalf of the committee.