Friday, September 8, 2017

Compassionate WI reaching out to deprived golfers

Wisconsin under right-wing GOP Gov. Scott Walker has taken its p.r. lumps of late, what with stories about the state having a rock-bottom minimum wage, and punitive income tax changes plus food stamp program cuts and now mandatory drug testing being leveled at lower-income residents.

Sure makes the state which gave American the Party of Lincoln look more like the Land of Heartless Discrimination.

So it's worth noting that one small group in Wisconsin is finally getting a fair deal:

Upscale golfers.

Including golfers who have been having a devil of a time getting a parking place at the little airport for their private jets close by one new course. 

C'mon: do we ask who golfers who have private jets to hire a limo at one of the state's major airports and drive to the clubhouse for their tee times?

So Wisconsin government to the rescue:

*  Republican legislators in the waning hours of budget-drafting late this week somehow found $4 million to hand over to a tiny airport in Wood County near one of the state's newest top-shelf golf courses built by a robust GOP donor.

* And in a complete coincidence, Scott Walker-led state agencies have been moving along plans to convert a Lake Michigan nature preserve quickly annexed to a welcoming City of Sheboygan into yet another high-end golf course far from Wood County being developed by another Walker donor who already owns several top-notch courses.

So, hey - - if that course needs some land in an adjoining state park, why should the state say "no" when state financing, agency hand-holding and executive direction is moving, finally, away from past discrimination against big-dollar privately-owned courses and driving to "yes:"


Anonymous said...

The people who live in the area embraced the golf course because it wasn't more irrigated ag and CAFOs. The airport is owned and operated by the city so what is the big deal here? I would bet that most of the people living up there think this is money well spent to a support an airport that can be used for medical emergencies and a business they like.

James Rowen said...

The process suggests otherwise.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well sure. Because it's not their money paying for it. What a deal! #oink

Anonymous said...

Maybe what you are trying to say is that there was no money for the air port until they contributed to the campaign. That could be true. I know that the airport has been asking for money since 2012.