Friday, September 22, 2017

One Walker stupid budget veto sure looks even stupider

Wisconsin has made it harder to vote, easier to hack. (That talking point just expired. Read on.)

So Governor Smarty Pants used his awesome veto slash the Wisconsin Elections Commission staff - - a bad idea on its face:
Walker also said Wednesday that he’s axing funding to fill five vacant positions on the state Elections Commission because the commission “has been operating effectively with fewer staff.”
Instead of hiring more staffers, the commission should manage peak workload periods “by hiring limited term employees or contractors, as they did during the 2016 presidential election,” Walker wrote.
Don't forget that Walker is still peeved at state elections and accountability processes that moved along the 2012 recall elections, and campaign finance probes, regardless of his skating past all the scrutiny and downgrading the non-partisan and professional structures in place to help keep Wisconsin elections clean and transparent.

Now we learn that Wisconsin's voting system was among those the federal government knew and has disclosed which Russia tried to hack.

And when we learn those efforts were broader, perhaps successful - -  or should the Russians discover that Wisconsin's short-sighted Governor has made the state easier pickings for hackers by turning things over to temp staffers - - who do we call for action? Brad Schimel? 

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