Monday, September 11, 2017

WI Dairy lobby wants to erase what's left of DNR oversight

Though the GOP keeps handing it favor after favor, Big Dairy, like other influential special interests in Wisconsin, wants more, more, more.

Not content with sweetheart treatment by official Wisconsin leading to fewer rules, eased inspections, tolerated contamination, and privatized groundwater at the expense of less-politically connected or well-heeled neighbors or downstream users, Big Dairy in Wisconsin is honing a lawsuit to prevent what remains of Scott Walker's intentionally-weakened DNR from reining in those expanding industrial-scale cattle feeding/water-demanding/manure-producing CAFOs.

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Anonymous said...

The story says the DNR has not responded to the suit. They may, but it would be no surprise if they didnt even bother. Not requiring permits for CAFOs would suit the managements policies well.

Stepp was amazing, she completely destroyed the DNR while leaving the public to believe it has been "improved". In that sense she wsd a great success.