Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Note to NY Times: Foxconn is about Walker incumbency. Then jobs.

[Updated from 9/19/17] To my Foxconn Primer posting, I'll add this NY Times cautionary piece about Foxconn's record of broken promises elsewhere with the title, "$3 billion bet on his re-election campaign. Then jobs." 

Here's the Times' piece headline:
Before Wisconsin, Foxconn Vowed Big Spending in Brazil. Few Jobs Have Come.
My point: all Walker wants out of the deal on our record-breaking dime is a groundbreaking photo before the Nov. 6, 2018 election. 

The subsidies for Foxconn re-branded Madison Avenue-style as "incentives," and approved for Foxconn together with unique and special judicial and environmental privileges, provides the talking point magic he needs to distract from seven years of ugly, data-proven failure he always blamed on others, and note that Wisconsin growth is firmly in the lower-half of states across the country, and new employment consistently trails national numbers:

Walker's failure to keep his 250,000 new-jobs-pledge has been well-documented, his job growth record for 2016 was his worst annual performance, ever, and there was yet another drop just last month in key jobs in Wisconsin, as noted in his administration's news release on employment data last week:
...a preliminary one-month decrease of 8,800 total non-farm and 5,200 private sector jobs from July to August 2017. 
Walker will wrap Foxconn around his campaign - - sticking the people with a $3 billion unreported donation sure to be re-packaged and perfumed into political ads to lull voters and media more interested in horse race polling into forgetting that despite heavily-pitched and propagandized tax cuts serving his cadre of right-wing donors, millions of taxpayer dollars spent recklessly, unprofessionally and repeatedly by the job-creating/state planning agency WEDC Walker arranged and chaired, and years of one-party, pro-business GOP rule, job creation in Wisconsin never took off like that promised rocket.

Now we have Foxconn delivered by Walker with record-breaking, budget-draining annual public subsidies tailored to preserve one job: his.

That's the con in Foxconn.


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