Monday, September 25, 2017

One fatality among WI hounds newly-thrown to wolves

The Wisconsin DNR disclosed by email today that more hounds have been released into violent encounters with wolves - - some hunters let their dogs run off leash during training for the upcoming bear hunting season - -  and as noted often and lamentably on this blog, dogs are paying a heavy price.

One hound killed this weekend was a Walker hound, similar to this one; 
the owner is eligible for a $2,500 reimbursement by the DNR through an only-in-Wisconsin program.

Details of the recent depredations, here:
09/22/2017Price1 dog injured (Plott/Walker cross, male, 5 years)Price depredation sitePrice depredation location map [PDF]
09/23/2017Sawyer1 dog killed (Walker, female, 8 years)Price depredation siteSawyer depredation location map [PDF]

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