Friday, September 1, 2017

Final tab in David Clarke-related legal settlements?

If Milwaukee Sheriff quitter David Clarke gets an office in some Trump administration outpost as had earlier been rumored - - 

- - or in a Fox News studios, he'll still be making return visits here when a shelf full of lawsuits that require his testimony hit the dockets.

Here's information about just some of the deaths that took place in the Milwaukee County jail on Clarke's watch between 2008 and 2013.

Bruce Murphy and Urban Milwaukee have additional information on a more recent spate of deaths, and note the jaw-dropping number at the end of this paragraph: 
Clarke’s mismanagement of the jail, which went on for many years, was likely to be a campaign issue against him, along with the suits against him and the county, which resulted in a $6.7 million award for one jail inmate, with other awards possibly still to come.
So what's the over/under bet on the tab taxpayers will shell out to close the books on his tenure?

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