Friday, September 22, 2017

14th WI hound thrown fatally to wolves since July

Wisconsin hounders are allowed to let their dogs run free as 'training for the upcoming bear hunt,' and when the dogs are killed by larger, predatory wolves, Wisconsin pays the owners $2,500 for each disposable hound depredated this way.

These state reimbursement payments can and do go to repeat claimants, even scofflaws.

This is but a part of legalized animal cruelty enabled in Wisconsin by legislators and governors in thrall to special interests.

Here, says the DNR, is the result of the latest legal, fatal dog-wolf fight involving a Black and Tan hound like this one:
Black and Tan Coonhound.jpg
09/20/2017Bayfield1 dog killed (Black & Tan, male, 2.5 years)Bayfield depredation siteBayfield depredation location map [PDF]

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