Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pivot, spin, fail. RoJo on "Morning Joe."

Second-term Wisconsin Tea Party/GOP Senator Ron Johnson has become just another veteran DC pol who's mastered the art of pivoting, spinning and filibustering to avoid answering tough questions.

Not an outsider anymore is he.
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
I'm not a "Morning Joe" fan, but I turned it on a few minutes ago for Hurricane Maria news and there was RoJo, mumbling and mushing together sentence fragments, as is his wont, about the rushed-wreck-Obamacare bill he's co-sponsoring.

Panelists were looking for assurances about whether people would not lose coverage; Johnson pivoted to attacking Obamacare, tossed out a blizzard of disconnected numbers and claims, but still could not get past saying "people don't like change" to explain why there was so much resistance to his bill.

After RoJo used his parochialism-is-good card by saying said the bill would be good for Wisconsin - - and, by the way, there go Republicans again playing the winners-and-losers game - - Mike Barnicle posed a simple question - - "begging" for an answer, he said, and which Johnson interrupted with the criticism that these were complex issues not suited to simple questions: would a hypothetical family somewhere in Wisconsin with a nine or ten-yer-old child with Cystic Fibrosis be guaranteed under the Johnson bill that their insurance costs would not go up.

To which Johnson said, "they [the costs] shouldn't."

The panel's conclusion: the bill's supporters can't be honest with the American people, which is why they will be unhappy with surprise cost increases should Johnson's bill pass. 


Unknown said...

It's "wont" not "won't."

James Rowen said...

It takes a while to defeat Google's autocorrect, so thanks for the reminder. I thought I'd fixed it at the time.