Friday, September 8, 2017

WI GOP budget will accelerate state road deterioration

Millions for Foxconn, potholes, gravel and flat tires for the rest of us. 

Welcome to Scott Walker's "chamber of commerce mentality" state and state of mind/governance which beats down the public interest and public service that has spread from his attacks on the DNR, to the K-12 teaching profession, to the UW system and certainly to roads and the environment across his entire re-election tool, Foxconn.

We know the GOP-led, special interest obeisant WI Legislature and road-building King Walker is shoving outlandish sums of state money to major highways and earmarking a quarter-billion dollars to speed up new lanes and fresh pavement near projected Foxconn sites, so this story and headline have to rate as The Most Scandalous But Least Surprising Disclosure of The Walker Years.
DOT data suggest deterioration of Wisconsin roads may accelerate under proposed budget
As I wrote on these subjects in July:
Note, however, that Walker tossed 250 million borrowed dollars into the $3 billion deal for Foxconn via the state budget whenever it's approved to hurriedly complete the over-built, under-funded reconstruction and expansion of I-94 though Racine and Kenosha Counties which Vos had been demanding even before Foxconn made the news...
*  $250 million could have fixed most or all potholes on our state's rutted and poorly-ranked roads, which is why it would be useful to ask the good people of cash-strapped Northfield, Wisconsin across the state from Vos' district where the main road has crumbled back to gravel what they think about Walker and Co. throwing around staggering amounts of public highway borrowing like kids at the county fair ring-toss booth which all the people of the state will have to repay.
Here is an archive of Foxconn-related posts back to the beginning. 

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