Thursday, September 7, 2017

Key WI GOP budget-writer takes liberties with "transparency"

The Wisconsin GOP-led Joint Committee on Finance Senate chair - - after supporting and green-lighting $3 billion in subsidies and special environmental privileges for Foxconn including permission to clear-cut, fill and otherwise bulldoze 1,000 acres with wetlands without a routine and public Environmental Impact Statement being written in the public interest, then filed and defended - - has the nerve to say the Committee wrapped up its work "to have more transparency — that was our goal."

That contortion of "transparency" by State Sen. Alberta Darling, (R-River Hills) - 
Alberta Darling 
- insults the legislative process - - and the intelligence of all the people of the state, just as Walker keeps doing when he claims to be the friend of education.

Reminds me of the times that Walker told Congress that he was a progressive for pushing through the modest Act 10, that he and out-going DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp were reformers, and so.  


Anonymous said...

I wonder how River Hills residents would react if the City of Milwaukee was placing things into budgets that negatively impacted only River Hills? Similar to folks from up north telling Milwaukee County how big the Board can be etc. Imagine if Milwaukee County put in the state budget eliminating positions and programs in Ashland and in their schools. Alberta Darling used to come on local talk shows and scream about needing to have "local control" and keeping the state out of local decision making. That was before the left side of her mouth met the right side of her mouth and they both started talking.

Anonymous said...

So what is the real problem in Wisconsin? In order for these fools to be in office, other fools had to elect them. How in the world did we end up here? I know a lot of old school conservatives who have turned 180 degrees on the GOP, but now the state has been taken over by a bunch of new conservative antigovernment morons, supporting a state government that is taking over our lives.

Anonymous said...

This was a number of years ago. My husband and I were working at a school event one evening and we were the only ones left and cleaning up afterwards. Alberta Darling had been at the school doing a speech. After her speech she came up to us and started talking to us. It was just Alberta Darling, my husband, and I. She went on for a half hour to forty minutes. My husband and I kept looking at each other like what is this woman talking about! Nothing she said made any sense. When she was younger I thought she was a nice woman and was trying to help her constituents. After that night we had absolutely no more respect for her ever again.