Friday, September 15, 2017

More secret GOP deal-cutting is producing a WI 'budget'

When you have one-party rule, as we have in Scott Walker's GOP-led 'chamber of commerce mentality' government, the Wisconsin State Senate 
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
will drive towards finally producing a budget behind closed partisan doors by  imitating the secretive, GOP-led budget-writing committee work which preceded it.

Helps explain also why the Foxconn deal was made privately by Walker, then shoved through the Legislature without any testimony by Foxconn officials and deliberately omitting basic taxpayer and environmental protections - - here's the whole story - - including an absence of full disclosure about some very important elements.

The old Soviet-style one-party authoritarians are alive in Wisconsin, ruling from the dark, gerrymandering their way into power permanence from behind closed caucus doors and now bring this ugly charade to a close by agreeing to appropriate $76 billion of our money while expropriating the democracy they are supposed to manage as trustees and stewards.

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