Friday, September 29, 2017

Foxconn gets swift Schimel boost, rape kits get indolence

Another day, another WI measure of partisan priorities over decency and law-and-order.

When I read yet another story about WI AG Brad Schimel's inability to process with funds in hand 95% of untested rape kits - - his dismissal of the backlog having already earned him a PolitiFact "Pants on Fire" shaming - -  I remembered that Schimel can move quickly when partisanship calls.

Look at how fast Schimel threw his support behind Foxconn which he lauded with a partisan tweet on July 27th, just one day after it was announced.

Schimel's robotic signal to the GOP's donor base and talking point solidarity with Walker - - copied out below - - appear even sloppier now that independent analysts have said portions of the deal could be unconstitutional.
  Jul 27
Workers succeed and the economy thrives when we value individual freedom and opportunity above over-regulation and big government.

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