Friday, January 20, 2017

WI GOP establishment helped give us Trump the Irrational

[Updated from 1/14 for Inauguration Day]

Just a reminder that when Donald Trump embarrasses you, frightens you, lies to you and otherwise mocks American Democracy, Wisconsin's Republican leadership stood with him and told you he was the best choice to be President. And when these Republican leaders come to your town or business or school - - or try to rewrite the record and slip away from the mess or the circus or the nightmare that Trump is already creating - - don't let them forget or deny that Trump belongs to them.

[Updated from 1/13 with news of Donald Trump's dishonest and disrespectful Twitter attack on US civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis.] 

Watched Trump's crazy news conference. And I remembered that one of the factors which helped to win Wisconsin - - and the Presidency - - was the backing of all sorts of experienced pols who told us Trump was supportable and Presidential:

Scott Walker. Paul Ryan. Ron Johnson. Sean Duffy. David Clarke. Cathy Stepp. Most of conservative talk radio.

Some of them saw Trump as a means to an end. A route to more power, or a job, or keeping special interests happy, or the cool proximity to a billionaire/TV personality.

We can argue from now to Doomsday - - and experts say Trump's cavalier embrace of a new nuclear arms race makes that no laughing matter - - about the impact on the outcome of flaws in Hillary Clinton's campaign and the very real interference by the FBI, the Russians and Wikileaks.

I don't downplay any of that.

But let's remember the Wisconsinites who organized the state for Trump and helped put him where he is right now, and thereby also helped put the rest of us and programs we need - -  Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare, Planned Parenthood, clean air and water guarantees - - in danger.



Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is among Wisconsin's homeless population having no permanent residency. He didn't get invited to Washington or Trump like all the other Republican namesakes. Even Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney got honorable mention during the cabinet vetting process. Perhaps he'll be offered Ambassadorship to Mongolia as a token of Trumps appreciation.

Clearly, real and true influence of big campaign contributions by groups associated with a pair of brothers trying to influence our sate government from afar was no different to Trump than what is perceived by some to be election meddling by a foreign government.

Trump make a pledge to "drain the swamp". Perhaps Wisconsin needs a candidate e for governor making the same commitment.

Anonymous said...

After watching the news conference it is obvious that our country is about to be embarrassed by a big mouth blow hard bully whom we must all constantly express our objections to. His treatment of the media and the use of his V P, his family and his staff as cheerleaders and the over all tone with which he conducted this fiasco shows that we must stand up to this clown and protest loudly and continuously his falsehoods, lies and the character or lack of that he displays. I would hope that he holds no more news conferences and continues to use Twitter to make a fool of himself!!!! We must drive this idiot out of office for our countries survival.

Anonymous said...

I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that the Democrats need to speak up and demand a psych exam of this guy. Seriously disturbed and sick people can still be highly functioning. This thing of lashing out and attacking anyone and everyone for the least slights is way into the realm of someone who is quite sick. This is not a joking matter or just something to say to show displeasure with Trump.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
Hey HeyHey
Good Bye
Americas long nightmare called Obama is finally over

Jake formerly of the LP said...

What did you hate, the peace or the prosperity?

Cmon shriveldick, what was so "nightmarish", and how is Gov Dropout and Drumpf going to fix it? STEP UP, CUPCAKE!