Thursday, January 5, 2017

MI banned plastic bag bans - - WI beat MI to it

The Washington Post was incredulous that Michigan would ban the banning of plastic shopping bags - - 
Yes, this is real; Michigan just banned banning of plastic bags
- - but Wisconsin under GOP Gov. Scott Walker had already achieved the same:
Scott Walker signs bills on cellphones, plastic bag bans
Local governments will not be able to ban grocers or other businesses from using plastic bags, under AB 730. No communities in Wisconsin have such a ban, but Republicans who control the Legislature passed the measure to ensure none adopts them as the idea takes root in cities in some other states.
Walker, et al, love them some petroleum products and big government control instead of local measures. 

So if there is a bad idea afoot in the Great Lakes region, like scrubbing climate change data and information from official web pages, chances are that WI is now in the vanguard.


Anonymous said...

"As I have said time and time again, this is a reasonable measure in any pro-business environment like we are creating here in Wisconsin. Also I like the bags for my dog's poopy" said Governor Walker when asked for his comment.

Anonymous said...

And the kicker is this: Those plastic bags do not have the structural integrity to hold more than a few items. They need to be doubled-bagged or they will self-destruct as you take them out of the store or take them home. Even double-bagged, they hold very little.

So double-up the bags and use twice as many doubled-up bags...

Yes, these actions are all about protecting oil interests that now dominate our state and the nation.

FWIW: According to DNR, Department of Forestry, paper products are not only fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, but they are all produced from forests that are certified as sustainable (no more trees are harvested than are replaced for future use). Paper bags do not in any way endanger forests and the wildlife that depends on them.

Beverly said...

This pretty much sums it up here: Who lobbied for and against the bill in Wisconsin --