Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Walker uses Twitter to distract from his #MoreFees ahead

GOP Gov. Scott Walker's 
Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker 07.jpg
"chamber of commerce mentality" DNR is looking to levy or raise fees just about everywhere you could imagine, so he's Tweeting to distract and change-the-subject.

Bottom line: same hand in your wallet.

  1. We should not raise the overall tax burden on the hard working people of Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

You are missing the point. Scott Walker is trying to say we can't tax hard-working Wisconsin people, because his agenda is about destroying their wages for the benefit of his donors and out-of-state billionaires and corporate interests.

Walker's media minions and BFFs have endorsed him and everything Walker, because when people are shoved out of the middle class, they are moving towards or into poverty. They have restructured their ad-supported noooze to be fact-free and profitable as disinformation tools instead of what was once a business model based on more-legitimate content that attracted an audience that advertisers coveted.

Now they make money shilling propaganda.

my5cents said...

It wouldn't be so much of a burden if you made the corporations and wealthy pay their fair share now would it Scotty? You are no kidding anyone. If anybody gets to pay, it will be the middle class and the poor. They don't consider them hard-working taxpayers. Only the wealthy and corporations work hard in Scott Walker's world.

Anonymous said...

David Koch works REEEEEAL hard. He inherited a fortune that was paid for by JOSEPH STALIN and ADOLPH HITLER that was based on selling proprietary lead additives to fuel their war-machine. There are disinformation webs online saying this is not true, but it is (geee, do you think Koch hires webmasters to post that dishonest crap to whitewash the family fortuen and optimize the lies in search rankings?)

It was hard work to manage daddy's fortune. It was even harder work to go to Don-the-Con tRump's golf course and leave with his foursome to go to an even more extravagant and lavish golf course.

Anonymous said...

FEE = TAX = FEE. Both out of the same pocket.