Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cong. Sensenbrenner flushes civil rights legacy

He has stood for civil rights and against Patriot Act overreach, but fearing a Trumpian/Tea Party challenger in the next election cycle among his Waukesha County base now goes even farther to the right than even the Steve Bannon-driven and imperious Donald Trump to urge people with valid Green Cards to be barred entry to the country.

Like the ultra-partisan and spineless Paul Ryan, huge disappointments.


Anonymous said...

Time for this old man to retire. Decades of doing nothing.

Sue said...

I called his office the day after the election and politely requested that he not go along with the reported coming changes in Medicare. I got a response letter back talking about how much he is against Obamacare.
Thanks, Jim. Nice to know as always that you carefully consider the opinions of your constituents, and that your crack staff checks all the correct boxes.

Sue said...

He is now stating that he mis-spoke.