Saturday, January 28, 2017

GOP Walker, AG, press fake governance

Wisconsin's phony law-and-order Republicans, having been caught by a federal court drafting and implementing unconstitutionally-drawn Legislative district maps, will now use more taxpayer money to try and convince the US Supreme court that the scheme that helped keep them in power since 2011 should be allowed to continue.

These are the same far-right ideological partisans that, like their new Maximum Leader in the White House, conjure a counterfeit narrative about in-person voting fraud as a way to restrict ballot box access and gain and retain power, but themselves are the self-serving beneficiaries of a fraudulent redistricting process  - - ripped by a different federal court at the time - - now declared in violation of the highest law in the land.

If fake news upsets you, get outraged by fake governance.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the Republicans always scream "voter fraud". That has been their reason for voter ID, etc. Now when the President promises to thoroughly investigate they holler no need to. What gives?