Monday, January 9, 2017

On climate, UW experts speak out; where are others?

Props to UW scientists for speaking out publicly against Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources scrubbing of climate science from official web pages.

It's a brave move in the face of a hostile, rightwing, ideologically-driven Scott Walker administration that has already slashed the UW budget, greatly undermined tenure and has its legislative allies attacking professors and programs  - - major hits to academic freedom and the public service/truth-seeking Wisconsin Idea that Walker was caught trying to scrub from the UW mission through sneaky state budget language.

This latest DNR web-scrubbing could also stand some organized pushback by legislators, environmental organizations and others.

These attacks on science and the honest flow of public information by the government we all pay for should not be left to several UW scientists willing to stick their necks out.

The condemnation of the scrubbing should be as loud and wide as was the uproar over the Wisconsin Idea deletions and efforts to wipe out the state open records law.

Scrubbed information and censorship efforts are to be protested whenever and wherever they arise.

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Anonymous said...

You must be referring to where are the people that have the ability to factually report on these issues in Wisconsin, as in "the media"?

They are AWOL here just like they are on everything GOP and Walker. It doesn't matter how many qualified "experts" speak out if the media continues to report that it is "debatable" and they can only make this unsubstantiated and incorrect claim by saying "Scott Walker" and or "Koch/oil industry interest" say so.