Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Republicans didn't hate Executive orders. Just Obama's

Remember the Republican's caterwauling about Executive orders the last several years? Turns out what they didn't like about them was that they were President Obama's.

Glorious Leader Trump will rule by Executive order 

Color image of Lakota man locked down to construction equipment at direct action against Dakota Access Pipeline
regardless of public opinion and not one Republican will say anything about this rush to one-man rule except "whoopee."

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Anonymous said...

The White House has quickly become Trump castle. Where is Paul Ryan when it comes to executive orders? He was all over Obama about abuse of power but nary a word about the orange roughfy. This is not going to end well. Moving the American embassy to Jerusalem is totally unnecessary and is going to spark a crisis and lead to attacks on the embassy which ego - maniac Trump will then respond to with force and "BINGO" we have a new middle east war which we have to defend Israel. This clown is unhinged and mentally ill. Demanding an investigation into an election he won is absolutely paranoid behavior. We now see what we would have had if Walker had been made president. Just what we've seen in Wisconsin....one man rule in an effort to defeat "little man syndrome" The chance to be a "bully" by the indiscriminate abuse of power. Sound familiar Sheriff Clarke?