Monday, January 9, 2017

WI DNR can't clean water, do science; can shill for Walker

Under rightwing GOP Gov. Scott Walker's "chamber of commerce mentality" direction, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources can't protect Wisconsin ground and well water, protect its science staff or keep climate change information on its public websites, and even though Walker has failed to keep in six years the 250,000 new jobs promise he pledged to complete in four, the DNR is using it its official Twitter page to shill for Gov. Walker with preposterous propaganda better suited to the partisan re-election ads Walker will air later this year: 
 57 seconds ago57 seconds agoGreat story to be told during the State of the State Tuesday-3pm. Preview at .
This is why I call the DNR Wisconsin's new Department of Commerce

And if Walker announces tomorrow that he indeed is killing the DNR by breaking it for his corporate clients into scattered pieces, no doubt agency Secretary Cathy Stepp - - leading Walker and Donald Trump cheerleader - - will be touting the agency's destruction with the same enthusiasm as she brought to the table when she was the DNR's loudest and most sarcastic critic before Walker handed her a $100,000-per-year, taxpayer-paid-and-pension- boosting perch to undo the department from atop and within.

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