Wednesday, January 11, 2017

5 ex-DNR Secretaries do not want agency broken up

Rightwing GOP Gov. Scott Walker signaled recently he might break the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources apart and scatter the pieces across state government - - the dream scenario of the very special interests he's put in charge of the agency when he ordered it be run with a "chamber of commerce mentality" - - and now a bi-partisan group of former DNR Secretaries is publicly urging Walker to leave the DNR intact.

That's an important action, and needs to be buttressed with thousands of emails and letters to Walker, legislators, editorial boards, websites, and more, or else Walker will accelerate an even greater transfer of public assets into private hands, and a further reduction in pollution prevention and abatement in a state which has a unique environmental legacy - - John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Gaylord Nelson - - and an economy organized around the appreciation of the unspoiled nature those giants helped secure.

We'll know if Walker goes there when he when he releases his budget, but make no mistake about it:

Walker and his special-interest bellhops have done great damage to the DNR - - and to its mission of environmental stewardship on behalf of the people - - where now even censorship is policy - - and to the clean air, pure water and open space which belongs to the public as a birthright.

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Bob t said...

Sometimes I think private is better sometimes public. I do feel we do have government into many places it should not be