Saturday, January 7, 2017

Climate change WI DNR says is debatable might flood their FL retirements

Wisconsin'd Department of Natural Resources justified its deletion of climate change information and science from its climate change web pages because the agency considers the matter "debatable."

While it won't flood Wisconsin directly though the state has experience climate-change related major rain events as predicted - -  a huge ice melt looming in an ocean far away caused by global warming not debatable just might put those DNR managers' Florida beachfront vacation or retirement plans under water.

Tides are already rising there, even on clear days.

And since we all share the same planet and are in this together, also not debatable - - the DNR's extremist and unsupportable ideological distortion of information and the role of public service.


Anonymous said...

Flood their Florida retirements?

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

There will always be new real estate development to sell to these rubes!

That is the way the real estate industry works. They create an endless demand for "new" development that some sucker has to buy-into.

For example, the growth of Waukesha and surrounding Walker-supporting 'burbs was all created by real estate interests that broke up Milwaukee neighborhoods that mostly have grandly-built and solid housing. The "white flight" was a marketing strategy of the real estate industry.

Flood Florida? Just think of it as a new way to bust up neighborhoods so that new real estate developments can be profitable!

Sue said...

Not looking forward to the tax dollars we will probably all have to pay to keep the winter White House above water during Donald's reign: