Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Free election pass for conservative WI Justice Annette Ziegler?

Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler

I understand the rigors and perils of running for office, but what does it say about progressive forces in Wisconsin if no one files to run against Justice Annette Ziegler, a member of the State Supreme Court's 5-2 rightwing majority?


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you, it is the Democratic Party of Wisconsin that failed us and gave us total GOP control. I could get more specific, but what more needs to be said?

And on the national level, we saw the DNC also handed the keys to the White House over to GOP by refusing to hold honest and legitimate primaries. No one is challenging the fact that the process was rigged for Clinton and anyone that watched Rachel Maddow and the talking heads on MSNBC saw this.

Mary Burke was not a reasonable opponent in 2014, but the party could have given her some basic support instead of:

1. Lying that she would self-fund, this was not true and undermined her integrity with some voters when she had to call out the party on this disinformation.

2. Letting her twist in the wind when the media manufactured a fake "October Surprise". She plagiarized NOTHING. The man who did copy and paste text from the report in question WROTE THAT TEXT. By definition, you cannot plagiarize yourself. Publishers (read: EVERY REPORTER TOO) know what REAL plagiarism is. The party could have helped get in front of this travesty -- they stood down.

I will spare you the facts on how DNC failed us in 2016. It doesn't take much research to see what happened and it is posted in detail elsewhere. Bernie Sanders did not cost Hillary Clinton the election. Her refusal to even try to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania did.

The 3 million margin in California (she won that state by 4 mil, lost the rest of America by 1 mil) DOES NOT prove she "won". It proves how incompetent the DNC and Clinton are.

We are moving towards one-party corporate fascism and it is because we don't have another party and third parties are entirely marginalize by -- wait for it! THE MEDIA!

I am sure glad the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has decided their work in Wisconsin is done. They have turned it all over to Koch lackeys. They should just close-up shop and go home.

Check out what the Minority Leader did when Miles Kristan asked a simple, direct, and important question:


We don't actually live in a 2-party system and haven't, in Wisconsin, for years.

Anonymous said...

IMHO Trump won the midwest because he's not a politician. Bluecollar workers are fed up with both parties. Neither party cared about Americas shrinking middle class, especially here in Wisconsin where Walker and the ultra conservative Republicans have an agenda to shift more and more working class into lower middle and lower income jobs. Hard to build roads when you shrink your taxable earned income base. When people get tired of working for nothing they quit and work for cash or start there own business and under report income or deduct everything under the sun to show a loss.

Trump got it right. Let the upper middle class pay more taxes by eliminating deductions. If there are no more middle class manufacturing jobs, someone has to make up the difference.

Democrat said...

So who DO we write in instead? I will not vote for Ziegler!

Anonymous said...

So who do we write in instead? I am NOT voting for Ziegler.