Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Iowa grabbing more WI jobs, could send pig manure back

Wisconsin's right-wing Gov. Scott Walker has failed to match the rest of country in the pace of job growth despite the full ideological array of tax cuts, environmental rule rollbacks and right-to-work favoritism, yet we note today the reported cut of 67 jobs by a business in La Crosse which plans to consolidate that operation in Iowa.

Iowa - - to which Oscar Mayer relocated its entire, iconic Madison operation and something like 1,000 good paying jobs that Walker did not contest.

Iowa - - which is killing Wisconsin in the expansion of wind and clean power development, even though Iowa is run by conservative Republicans who have somehow managed to balance ideological temptation with the reality that green energy produces high wages and healthier air.

Iowa - - which, to be fair, is trying to send, and will if Walker's "chamber of commerce mentality" Department of Natural Resources says "OK," 26,000 manure-producing pigs to be fattened every six months within smelling distance of a Lake Superior Bay so pristine and so unusual that Walker's State Tourism Department goes out of its way to promote.

More, here.

On, Wisconsin!

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