Monday, January 30, 2017

Dangerous governance by distraction

Trump's back-firing and illegal immigration orders are soaking up a lot of air time, and that's good, but look how it has overwhelmed other important matters, like the Russian hacking of the election.

And his conflicted and unqualified Cabinet nominees still facing confirmation votes, his blocking nearly-completed energy-efficiency standards for several mechanical systems and products, his failure to divest from his businesses and release his tax returns, his now-illegal DC hotel lease, the calamitous proposed import tax on Mexican goods, the outrageous pipeline approvals, and so on.

Who remembers the Access Hollywood tape and the dozen lawsuits it provoked?

And the same dynamic will play out when he releases his Supreme Court pick tomorrow.

Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
Then on to lifting the Russian sanctions, gutting the EPA, green-lighting Paul Ryan's looming budgetary attack on Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, the National Parks and so forth, further clogging media which Trump and new National Security Council power and white Nationalist, accurate  Steven Bannon are strategically undermining to make it harder to convey good, accurate information which people need to stay informed and organized.

And there are 207 weeks left in what might be just a first term.

Distraction by addition and governing through exhausting chaos neutralizes the senses. And democracy.


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to heed this posts warning. Bannon has a clear strategy to overwhelm Trumps opposition with a barrage of crazy crap. The #msm is falling for hook, line, and sinker! Stay vigilant my fellow citizens.

Humanities_excite said...

Is it a sign of "corporate hijacking" that we have not heard from our state Senator, Tammy Baldwin??? She should already be intimately familiar with the agenda their running, given the Wisconsin test run. Any "facts" that I've missed regarding what she is doing to restore/preserve democracy on our behalf??

Anonymous said...

Not to fear..... THIS NARCISSIST WITH NO INTERNAL CHECKS AND VOLATILE PERSONALITY AND HIS THIN SKINNED REACTION TO CRITICSM ALONG WITH HIS SHORT ATTENTION SPAN AND HIS DEEP DESIRE TO DESTROY ANY AND ALL WHO OPPOSE HIM ....will make such a fool of himself that even his bootlicking Republican party will have to disavow him. The faster that Trump charges ahead with his alternative reality ....the faster the divorce will occur and TRUMP will do extreme damage to Ryan and his buddies!

Anonymous said...

Let's turn this distraction on him. Have prominent people constantly say bad things about him. He'll be so busy tweeting his retorts that he won't have time to cause more harm.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Agreed. Trump is soft, so mockery and reminding this guy that he is not the choice of the majority is a good tact.

I agree that these are awful things thay should be protested and publically so. But Drumpf wants rage and public confrontation, and that's not a game we need to play.

Trump having no crowd at his address in Milwaukee this week, with a counter-event drawing a larger crowd, would DRIVE HIM NUTS. I think that's the way you end this guy- by making him look small.