Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Walker's Act 10 "bomb," Trump's orders = GOP behavior 101

Trump's blitz of Executive orders which he's only just begun means you can ashcan his dishonestly scripted election night b.s. about being a uniter and President of all the people and commit to four more years of organizing.

Let's be clear about it:

When Republicans get their chance, they rule and don't mess around with touchy-feely crap like consensus-building and precedent and history.

Like right-wing Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker who was all too happy to "drop the [Act 10] bomb" on his fellow citizens, or who signed companion take-home pay slashing "right-to-work" bill after professing his disinterest, the Trump-Ryan-Bannon axis will rule through iron-fisted action by editing Walker's "divide-and-conquer" strategy to simply "conquer."

It's beyond ironic that Trump's Drop-Dead-Democracy Executive orders today put the Keystone XL and DAPL pipelines back on track - - despite there being both a worldwide glut of oil and an inexorable movement through public demand towards cleaner energy - - just a couple of days after Trump's doltish but revealing one-liner at his embarrassing meeting at the CIA about "we should have taken the [Iraqi] oil. But, maybe, we'll have another chance."

Because "take" is what conquerors do.

As did Walker when it came to workers' pay and rights, or local government power, or food for the poor or clean water in Kewaunee County.

And which is how Trump and those Republicans who pretended to dislike Trump (Marco Rubio, et al) will behave on behalf of their donors, ideological masters and personal portfolios at our expense until we throw the bums out.


Anonymous said...

They are cut from the same cloth. Both are ignorant bullies who care about no one but themselves. Walker has the wealthy who pull his strings. Trump has Bannon who strokes his ego and continually tells the paranoid Trump that every one is out to get him so....he must attack first. The similarities to pre WW2 Germany are unreal. Come on Paul Ryan strap on a pair and lets put America first.......sadly we will not even hear a whimper from Paul because he's riding the train. This shows the real Paul Ryan ....a gutless bag of empty principles!!!! Don't the Trump voters realize that his actions reflect their values or lack there of. Has this country sunk so low that they accept thumbing their nose at democracy and the rule of law. This is what America has become as represented by this babbling egotistical idiot!

Anonymous said...

Walker is creepy! I think he was humiliated during his presidential run by bragging about ACT 10! So, I believe this is a test with more powerful politicians to elevate his ego.