Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Walker praises apprentice President's Muslim ban

I noted the other day somewhat tongue-in-cheek that right-wing WI Gov. Scott Walker had gotten it right in an early Presidential debate when he said Donald Trump would be an apprentice President.

It was Walker's one well-scripted anti-Trump zinger, and, of course, Trump proved Walker the apprentice Presidential politician by crushing Walker in the polls and forcing him out of the race before it really got started.

Walker had also opposed Trump's talk of banning Muslims from entering the country, but in classic Walker-dodge-the-issue-mode, our Governor has waited three days and then yesterday flipped on the issue by praising Trump's Muslim travel ban.

Walker hid until the initial wave of protests and demands of accountability had crested, then got his talking point in line with the "safety" concern the White House eventually rolled out though there were no imminent threats from the seven countries cited in Trump's sloppily-drafted and Imperious Executive Order, and no history of  terrorist attacks in the US by immigrants from the countries named.

Walker also needed to get on the right, right side of Trump before our Maximum Leader comes to Wisconsin later this week and shares the stage with Walker, and I'm sure Walker figures the immigration ban issue will die down to his advantage once Trump names his Supreme Court pick and the distraction diverts people's attention as part of the new chaotic normal.

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