Thursday, January 19, 2017

Upset by fake news? How about fake official records?

Oh, these Republicans - - do they have trouble with the forms and the words and the whodunit and such!

*  There was right-wing Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his famous/infamous "drafting error" oopsie-daisy wherein he got caught rewriting/ruining/fibbing about his sneak attack on the University of Wisconsin's historic public service mission.

* But now we have the right-wing GOP school choice billionaire and Donald Trump Education Secretary-nominee Betsy DeVos' 13-year-long foundation "clerical error" involving no less than her own actual name discovered during her confirmation hearing/circus Wednesday just might have Walker's "drafting error" beat.

Drafting error vs. clerical error?

Be the official scorer: which is worse?.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect this "Board" is in name only, her mom put kids' names on it, and had nothing to do with it in fact.