Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where Was Walker Wednesday? In Palm Beach, FL, Taking Down $200,000+

[Updated from March 14, 2012] Yeah, Scott Walker could 'return' to the private sector any old time where he wouldn't be tied to a crap salary from taxpayers of $144,000 a year, but while he's still got the job and unlimited "personal time, wink-wink" - - why not jet off to Palm Beach, Florida, or as they call it there, "the ATM of American politics "- - and pick up a cool $200,000+ in campaign cash and pledges from folks you've never met?

Reports the Palm Beach Daily News:
It’s good to have friends in Palm Beach, even if you’ve never met them before. 
Embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker strode into the Town Hall council chambers Wednesday afternoon, briefly interrupting a coastal protection discussion, said basically hello, and was on his way.

But he did take a moment to congratulate the town’s elected officials for what he called their leadership position in cutting employee pensions and other benefits.

He also left Palm Beach $200,000 richer in contributions, with more to come from pledges following a luncheon Wednesday organized by Town Council President David Rosow and Lee Hanley, who hosted the event at his Palm Beach home.

“This is the ATM of American politics,” said Councilman Bill Diamond, who spends much of his time raising money for Republican candidates...

Hanley, a former Landmarks Preservation Commissioner, said about 10 guests attended the luncheon, contributing varying amounts. He did verify some gave $25,000.
I mean, why stay in Wisconsin and, say, fight for the train repair shop and jobs in Milwaukee you and your administration wanted, but let the Joint Finance Committee throw away Wednesday.

Ah, Palm Beach. Those private sector guys know how to throw a party and run an ATM.


nonquixote said...

Freudian Slip? Vos on WPR,"...why should I spend $10M a year on a program from A GOVERNOR BEFORE ME...?"

Is this the right power grab/shift, telling Walker they don't care about losers anymore? Bye, bye S.W. is just around the corner, one way or another?

Anonymous said...

Does Wisconsin even have a governor? Snotty is never around so it can't be him. We need to recall Vos he is such a weasel.

Termack said...

Ah, Palm Beach. Those private sector guys know how to throw a party and run an ATM.

So does the Palm Beach Treasure Coast AFL-CIO CLC.
Check this out.

Steve Byers said...

I assume that since he did the blowby on the city council there that we taxpayers are picking up the tab on this fundraising trip. And, of course, we're paying his salary even though he's putting in little time in this state.

James Rowen said...

Excellent question, Steve.