Friday, March 16, 2012

Breaking News: Walker Aide Pats Boss On The Back

For following the Open Records law!

Walker administration committed to openness

The writer, Julie Lund, is a former TV reporter-turned Walker deputy communications director who has quantified and spun, at our expense, the wonder that is Walker's open government.

This is what passes for staff work in the Governor's office these days.

They are keeping track of sheets of paper, and measuring them out.

87,730 pages of paper have been printed to fulfill open records requests (enough to stretch 15 miles)....
As monumental as it is to keep up with the number of open records requests we receive, it's just one part of the governor's efforts to ensure this office is as open and as accessible as possible. Walker's commitment to freedom of information goes far beyond the directive for over and above compliance with the Open Records Law.

For a sitting governor (in my experience), he is very accessibile to the media. This governor is available for multiple media interviews almost daily - and often all across the state. From my experience, I can truly say that Walker is the most media-accessible governor in decades.
And in the context of the revelation in criminal indictments of a secret email system running in Scott Walker's County Executive office suite less than 25 feet from his office door - - hilarious.

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Paul Trotter said...

To me, this is like a gloating and naive intern who doesn't know any better.

I think google makes these damn anti robot verification words very difficult to see on an iPad for a resson. Much easier to see on a regular desktop. They hate Apple.