Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Edit Out GOP Talking Point Language

Stop referring to Republicans and their financiers by the self-serving term "job-creators."

The last GOP President was shedding 700,000 jobs a month when he finally left for Texas in January, 2009.

Scott Walker's first twelve months of zero employment growth statewide, his year-long freeze on major wind farm projects, and cancellation of labor-intensive Amtrak rail expansion and train maintenance work give the lie to any job-creating claim.

The phrase is as phony as Walker's "voluntary" cooperation with the John Doe probe, or his fake warnings on talk radio and Fox TV about out-of-state money flooding into the recall campaign against him while he has already used a loophole in recall law to collected millions of dollars, without limits- - from out-of-state donors.

And there should be a boycott on the unqualified use of terms like "streamlining" mining procedures, or to providing procedural "certainty" in mining review schedules- - when the real intent of the failed mining reform law was to shut the public out of democratic processes that govern public water resources and hand them over to special interests tied with "certainty" to Republican office-holders.

And the next Democratic legislator or advocate who slips into saying "Democrat" as an adjective - - thereby repeating and validating the intentionally dismissive party renaming fomented by Rush Limbaugh, et al - - has to wear a "Stand With Walker" button for 72 hours.


Democurmudgeon said...

Great points. We need to learn the art of "framing."

James Rowen said...

Which begins with avoiding their frames.

Anonymous said...

Can I have my daily aneurism over the total lack of self-awareness and personal irony encased within that cranium up top there? Okay thanks.
How can he rail against gratuitous propagandist framing and not have his own lips fall right off his face?
Makes ya wonder doesn't it?

Having said gotten that out of the way, I can move on. Yes, I myself am MIGHTILY sick of the term job-creator and the word certainty. Though I do not give two figs for the naming of any Party. If people feel better having "ic" on the end of "Democrat" then they can have at it. Punditry is all "ick" to me.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

All on the money, James. Stop giving these pile of garbages any room to bully and lie, and we need to tell the truth forcefully and without apology.

GOP hero Gordon Gekko said it best: "I create nothing, I own." And that includes jobs.

rmccrea said...

Applause for all your points. I think it was Joe McCarthy who started talking about the "Democrat Party" in a way that made it sound like a slur.

Customers create jobs, not executives, remember that.

I would also be wary of talk of "tools" and "flexibility" and "resetting." Talk of a "reset" means the jobs are never coming back.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, and can we please stop saying "tax payer" and get back to using "citizen"?