Friday, March 23, 2012

OK, It's Friday, Wisconsin: Any Big News Coming?

Last Friday, it was the filing of an ethics complaint by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission against State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, and also when we learned of State Sen. Pam Galloway's surprise resignation from the Legislature, costing the GOP it's one-vote majority there.

The previous Friday, Gov. Walker announced he created a legal defense fund.

Last year, he dropped his collective bargaining "bomb" on a Friday, and signed that bill on a Friday, too.

Friday is the day politicians and agencies disgorge their news in the mistaken belief that the pre-weekend timing is a benefit.

But in reality, folks these days expect news to be made on a Friday, so we'll see...

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Anonymous said...

now a substance that reminds workers of cutting oil is appearing at the FOND DU LAC waste water treatment facility. Booms are in place at the plant to collect it.

Could be aliens, or frackers, or maybe just good old Republican slime creeping all over the state. But we should find out and not just go with the JS and Lady Kuss' "event over" approach.