Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Questions About A Mining Commission

1. By putting the political ball in Walker's court, is this proposal by State Sen. Bob Jauch a political move to prove conclusively when Walker says "no" that he's not (as if the radical right agenda shoved down our throats for a solid year hasn't delivered the message?) cooperative, bi-partisan and open to compromise, or a real effort to find a way to move mining reforms that protect the environment and a mine's neighbors, or another stumble by Democrats too prone to negotiate with themselves and become the problem-solvers while bailing out their GOP - - which caused the problem with a bill written in secret?

2. Where is the seat at the proposed, all-legislator table for the Bad River Band, whose exclusion from the process from the get-go a year was dismissive, intolerant and self-defeating? Who will explain the treaty rights' realities to the others?


Anonymous said...

Very good questions. I was wondering, too, if Jauch was doing some political judo with this request to Walker.

Who will explain treaties to the general public? What is the WI Act 31 all about?? Since the lat 1980's, public school teachers are required to teach students about truthful and accurate Native American history, culture, and treaties. What's up the Teacher Colleges and why aren't they teaching the teachers about this?

Anonymous said...

I will be glad to explain the treaties to the public, they begin "we... cede to the United States...". I would elaborate but I am busy printing out Recall Petitions for Jauch

Say What? said...

Good point Anon 1: certainly at this remarkable time in Wisconsin History, a topic on Native American history or at least discuss how the treaties are impacting Wisconsin politics would be educationally pragmatic. Yet one has to wonder if the backlash would be worth it.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Printing-press Anonymous up there. He wants to look at only the one half of the "contract". For some odd reason he does not go on to write about what was granted in return for "ceding to the United States" Oh I guess he is too busy for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It's all pretty confusing I know - "I'll give you this in exchange for that". Here's a quick class in How We Do Things In A Capitalist Republic Like America.
Maybe you go to car dealer and you want an F350, You can't just drive off right? That's barbarism, really uncivilized. So, being a classy law-abiding kind of guy, you agree to grant the Dealer a certain amount of cash, then he cedes the Ford to you. Later, if you go back under dark of night and TAKE BACK YOUR CASH, you are a thief, and you are also an asshole.

Print all you want. You will not meet recall quotas on this issue.

In addition I will mention that some school districts DO have extensive teaching on Native American history and culture. I mean extensive, a lot of time is devoted. At my children's school in Chippewa Falls it was in the 4th grade. Beyond that more awareness can be reached if individuals desire. The Truth, It's Out There. Opening your eyes is a start. One girl my daughter knew and her sisters (indigenous family) were taking classes in traditional language i think at UWEC. Stuff like that is around. Each April there is a pow wow as well.http://www.uwec.edu/newsreleases/11/mar/0331ContestPowWow.htm I hope they have it again this year (maybe Cathy Stepp or Glenn Grothman will outlaw it, you never know) There are other pow wows and events all around WI. You can go to them and observe some reality rather than just imagining what people are like and talking tough. You can be an ignorant idiot or you can not be an ignorant idiot. Your own personal choice. It makes America great.

Gareth said...

These treaties preceded the formation of the State of Wisconsin. They were a condition under which the state was formed from a territory. The case law upholding treaty rights is voluminous. Anyone wanting to break those treaties will choke on it.

If you don't like the treaties then give the land back, or alternatively, put a bag of ice on your head and calm down.