Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Walker Added To State Supreme Court Burden In Voter ID Review

Call it a display of injudicious temperament.

Gov. Walker has made it tougher for the State Supreme Court to rule on the controversial Voter ID law without enhancing the perception of pro-GOP leanings on the part of its current 4-3 conservative bloc.

He did this by having said with unqualified certainty, in a recent Journal Sentinel op-ed

"Voter ID settled; let's move on:"
While a vocal minority may disagree with our common-sense policy position, that doesn't change the fact that the temporary injunction issued by the Dane County Circuit Court will be overturned by a higher court, and ultimately the voter ID law will be upheld.
Of course, Walker was wrong: the issue isn't settled, and a second and separate permanent injunction was also issued by a different district court judge, but note that Walker chose to write "will be overturned...will be upheld."



Not, "I hope," or "it should." 

Judges read the papers. Was this political bluster or the delivery of a message?

Either way, Walker meddled in the process and has given the Court another hill to climb.

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Must have spoken to Prosser.