Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walker Says Union Leaders Under 5' 10 " Are Staying Out Of Wisconsin

I keep reading about these "big labor bosses..."


Anonymous said...

Lol I saw the headline and thought, what? then came the dawn.
O_O <---disciplinary gaze
I was really hoping this was not where you were going and yet you did.
mm kay Mr. Smarty Pageview-Getter, quite often "big" is a polite way of saying FAT. Did you think about that? huh did ya?
You could have some labor bosses who are short but really portly rapidly rolling 'round the rotunda repeatedly rallying against reactionary Republican reforms.

Politifact tattoos FALSE across your forehead.

Say What? said...

What would be a good label for those out of state contributors to Walker's recall campaign?


Anonymous said...

No, cuz pimps call the shots. I'd call them "Noobs who think that sucking the exhaust pipes of big rich bullies is the only way they'll find a place for themselves so they support anything the bullies do and squelch their natural impulses towards fairness and decency (to the extent they have them) so that they can guiltlessly follow orders in return for the crumbs they are tossed, then they break their own arms congratulating themselves on how 'self-made' and manly they are".
But that's not very efficient as a Buzzword type of thing. I'll have My People get back to work on this right after they solve the Clintonville Boom Mystery.